Web site development

New website starts with a conversation, discussing the goals and objectives of a new project. What audience it is intended to, and what the visitor is expected to find there. After that information gets divided into parts, that are presented in the menu.

When it is clear enough what kind of website does client need, designer gets to his work, turning ideas to visible images.

Customer evaluates the design, proposes some adjustments and approves of it. Then, programmer creates a fully functioning website prototype, regarding requirements and design.

At this point, customer may put the content on the website. We can end here, or we can not. Website doesn't have any value, if no one is visiting it, so there's a lot of small hints to help people to find your website on the Internet. SEO specialist can help here.

Done? Not yet. After time some new needs and ideas may appear. It is necessary to consider this, while constructing the web page, so that it would be easily expandable.


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